The Ultimate Blueprint for Healthy Nails

The Ultimate Blueprint for Healthy Nails 

If our eyes serve as windows to our souls, our nails give people sneak peeks to our hygiene and overall health. It sounds freaky, and we bet you stared at your fingernails for a minute there, but it’s true. How healthy we are or how good we are at taking care of our bodies can be seen in our nails. Look at your fingernails once more. Pay close attention to the details: do they look strong and healthy? Is there something unusual about the shape or color? Are there dents or ridges? Do they seem dry and brittle? A lot of undesirable conditions can be prevented by taking good care of your nails. Some irregularities however, may actually be indicators that there is something seriously wrong with your body. What Are Fingernails Supposed to Look Like? The key to identifying what the irregularities in the fingernails are is by knowing what they normally look like. Our fingernails are made up of several laminated layers of keratin. This protein comes from under the base of your nail, just below the cuticle. Fingernails are naturally smooth and you won’t feel any grooves or pits on the surface. Aside from having the same color, fingernails are also naturally free from any discoloration or spots. There are instances when vertical ridges that start from the cuticle and run all the way up to the tip of the nails appear. These ridges are perfectly normal and become more evident as we get older. Injuries also cause white spots to appear on our fingernails but will eventually disappear as the nails grow out. It’s important to note however, that not all irregularities are normal. If you notice any of the irregularities listed below, contact your dermatologist or your doctor immediately: Curled nails or other visible changes in nail shape Thickening or thinning of fingernails and toenails Discoloration, dark streaks below the nail and other visible changes in the color of the nails Painful swelling around the nails Separation of the nails from the skin surrounding it Excessive bleeding around the nails These could be symptoms of serious medical conditions that’s why it’s important to seek professional help immediately. How to Take Care of Your Fingernails As with other parts of our body, our nails need proper care and nutrition. Here are some simple ways to look after your fingernails: Always make sure that your nails are clean and dry to prevent the growth of bacteria. Prolonged and repeated contact with water can cause split fingernails that’s why it’s best to use cotton-lined rubber gloves when doing the laundry, using harsh chemicals, or washing the dishes. Follow a daily or weekly nail care routine. Trim your nails once every week and use sanitized, sharp nail clippers or scissors to do that. Trim across and gently round the edges to avoid the formation of dry skin. Scoop out the dirt from under your nails while you’re at it. Don’t use your teeth to trim your nails. We have…

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