The 101 On Eyelash Extensions

The 101 On Eyelash Extensions One of the many things that women want to thank the makeup gods for is the invention of eyelash extensions. It magically gives their eyes a doll-like feel which seems just about right since the eyes are the windows to the soul. Eyelash extensions instantly gained popularity the moment they appeared on the menus of salons and spas since women wanted to achieve those long lashes to draw more attention to their eyes. Unlike false eyelashes that look fake take forever to apply, eyelash extensions are attached individually to the upper eyelashes through a cyanoacrylate-based glue which resembles a surgical adhesive. The eyelash extensions give that extra oomph and emphasis that your eyes need, minimizing the need to apply an eyeliner and mascara. Anyone with eyelashes that are approximately three millimeters long are allowed to get eyelash extensions. Name Your Price Eyelash extensions are a bit more expensive than false eyelashes because of the material used to make them, the special glue needed to attach them to the upper eyelashes, and the fact that they are more permanent than the falsies. A set of 25 to 35 lashes per eye can cost about $ 75 while full eyelash extensions that contain sixty to eighty lashes per eye costs $300. It’s not that cheap, but it does an excellent job in giving you long, full lashes, that don’t look weird or fake. The majority of these mink lashes are made of polyester while the more authentic (and expensive) ones are made of animal hair. People can choose length or volume when getting eyelash extensions in Jacksonville, FL. It is important to note, however, that lengths beyond twice the original length of their eyelashes fall out faster. While longer lashes can indeed make your eyes pop, the “pop” won’t last long because there aren’t enough natural eyelashes to support the weight of the extension. The lengths usually range from 0.10 to 0.30 millimeters. Anything beyond that might damage your natural eyelashes especially if they are already weak to begin with. How It’s Done You will be lying down throughout the application process. Sterilized cotton pads will be placed on top of your lower eyelashes and they you will be asked to close your eyes. This keeps the pads in place but more than that, it keeps the special glue from entering and hurting your eyes. The eyelash technician will then get a pair of fine tweezers, apply some of the special glue on the eyelash extension, and carefully place it near your natural eyelashes. To be more detailed about it, the eyelash extensions are applied one millimeter near the root of your natural lash. The whole process usually takes approximately two hours and you need to sit still because any unnecessary movement will ruin the application process. It’s best if the lashes are applied one by one since that will make it look even more natural. If it only takes the technician one hour to finish the entire process or if you’re…

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Prevent Nail Breakage with these Quick Tips!

Prevent Nail Breakage with these Quick Tips! 

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the nails reflect someone’s hygiene… or something like that. You can immediately tell if someone has good personal hygiene just by looking at their nails. If you’ve been in a meeting and you noticed someone take a quick glance at your nails, there’s a high chance that that person was evaluating not just your skills, but also the value that you give to yourself. That is the reason why nail salons are making a lot of money- they take good care of your nails and paint it with colors and designs that you desire. If you’re one of those manicure and pedicure enthusiasts, you know that these things can be quite expensive. While seeing how neat and clean your nails are after a session at the nail salon in Jacksonville is oh-so-worth-it, it can also be heartbreaking (and painful!) when you break your nails by accident. Yes, these things happen. The worst part is, a single broken nail is equivalent to the removal of nail polish, cutting, and filing, of the nine remaining nails just so the height of all your nails are equal. It feels like throwing away all your money and hours spent at the Jacksonville nail salon. To keep these things from happening, it’s important that you have strong nails and you can get exactly that by following some (or all) of the tips that we listed below: Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition Don’t go arguing that you want to snack on chocolates, fast food, and salty chips because you and I know that those are J-U-N-K! While people say that they want to eat whatever they can eat since they only have one life to live (YOLO!), that’s also the exact reason why you need to take good care of yourself! Eat the right food, load up on the vitamins and minerals that your body needs, and we promise you’ll reap the benefits faster than you can say “chocolate truffles”. Well, that was an exaggeration but you know what we mean. Your nails, just like your hair, needs the right amount of nutrients to grow healthy and long. Vitamin C is essential in the production of collagen which promotes the healthy growth of hair and fingernails. Since the body cannot produce vitamin C on its own, the consumption of foods that contain this vitamin is important to prevent deficiency. Biotin and other vitamins that belong to the B-group are important in maintaining the health of your fingernails. You need to munch on red meat, nuts, and leafy greens to give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to make it strong and immune to breakage. Dip those Nails in Oil Moisturize your nails by dipping them in olive oil and coconut oil. These oils help boost nail growth, improve the circulation of blood to the nail, and restore damaged nails. It’s an excellent way to de-stress your nails after putting them through strenuous work or intense physical activity….

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The Ultimate Blueprint for Healthy Nails

The Ultimate Blueprint for Healthy Nails 

If our eyes serve as windows to our souls, our nails give people sneak peeks to our hygiene and overall health. It sounds freaky, and we bet you stared at your fingernails for a minute there, but it’s true. How healthy we are or how good we are at taking care of our bodies can be seen in our nails. Look at your fingernails once more. Pay close attention to the details: do they look strong and healthy? Is there something unusual about the shape or color? Are there dents or ridges? Do they seem dry and brittle? A lot of undesirable conditions can be prevented by taking good care of your nails. Some irregularities however, may actually be indicators that there is something seriously wrong with your body. What Are Fingernails Supposed to Look Like? The key to identifying what the irregularities in the fingernails are is by knowing what they normally look like. Our fingernails are made up of several laminated layers of keratin. This protein comes from under the base of your nail, just below the cuticle. Fingernails are naturally smooth and you won’t feel any grooves or pits on the surface. Aside from having the same color, fingernails are also naturally free from any discoloration or spots. There are instances when vertical ridges that start from the cuticle and run all the way up to the tip of the nails appear. These ridges are perfectly normal and become more evident as we get older. Injuries also cause white spots to appear on our fingernails but will eventually disappear as the nails grow out. It’s important to note however, that not all irregularities are normal. If you notice any of the irregularities listed below, contact your dermatologist or your doctor immediately: Curled nails or other visible changes in nail shape Thickening or thinning of fingernails and toenails Discoloration, dark streaks below the nail and other visible changes in the color of the nails Painful swelling around the nails Separation of the nails from the skin surrounding it Excessive bleeding around the nails These could be symptoms of serious medical conditions that’s why it’s important to seek professional help immediately. How to Take Care of Your Fingernails As with other parts of our body, our nails need proper care and nutrition. Here are some simple ways to look after your fingernails: Always make sure that your nails are clean and dry to prevent the growth of bacteria. Prolonged and repeated contact with water can cause split fingernails that’s why it’s best to use cotton-lined rubber gloves when doing the laundry, using harsh chemicals, or washing the dishes. Follow a daily or weekly nail care routine. Trim your nails once every week and use sanitized, sharp nail clippers or scissors to do that. Trim across and gently round the edges to avoid the formation of dry skin. Scoop out the dirt from under your nails while you’re at it. Don’t use your teeth to trim your nails. We have…

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